The Deadly Bees

Loosely Adapted From Gerald Heard's A Taste for Honey.

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Synopsis from the 2008 Legend Films release of The Deadly Bees

An Amicus Production • A Paramount Picture

Suzanna Leigh • Frank Finlay • Guy Doleman

Excited by the smell of fear, they inflict their fatal stings!

An ailing starlet is sent to a remote island to recover and little does she know that she is about to stumble into... a Hive of Horror! A diabolical neighbor has discovered the smell of fear and is using it to control a lethal swarm! Featuring over the top performances and very "special" effects, The Deadly Bees is late night drive-in fare at its campy best.

Boris Karloff as Mr. Mycroft, inspecting one of those pesky bees.

Boris Karloff as Mr. Mycroft, inspecting one of those pesky bees.

Did You Know...

A Taste for Honey was loosely (very loosely!) adapted into 1967’s The Deadly Bees, the first in the killerbees genre.

The Deadly Bees has grossed nearly $3 million in worldwide receipts since its U.S. box-office debut in May 1967.

Boris Karloff played Mr. Mycroft in the ABC TV adaptation of A Taste for Honey, which aired on The Elgin Hour in 1955. The episode was titled, "The Sting of Death," and won an Edgar award from the Mystery Writers of America. It was reissued in 2009 as part of a multi-DVD collection.

The Deadly Bees was directed by Freddie Francis, who directed scores of British horror films and worked as a cinematographer on The Elephant Man, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Dune, and Cape Fear.

Robert Bloch, whose novel Psycho was made into the Hitchcock classic, co-wrote the screenplay to The Deadly Bees.

The first choices for the male lead roles for The Deadly Bees were Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee.

Ronnie Wood (Faces, The Rolling Stones) can be seen in a cameo with his first group The Birds performing their song "That's All I Need You For."

Not altogether without justification, Mystery Science Theater 3000 spoofed The Deadly Bees in a 1998 episode.

DVD Release

The 2008 DVD release of The Deadly Bees has been digitized by the techno wizards at Legend Films. Brought to you in stunning H-I-V-E-A-L-I-C-I-O-U-S detail.

Treat yourself to the first-ever movie in the killer-bees genre. But don't set your expectations too high. This is truly a BEE grade film.

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(December 5, 2017) "Some might find it rapturously awful"


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