Gerald Heard published 38 books between 1924 and 1964, including mysteries written under the name "H. F. Heard." 




There are currently nine Gerald Heard books in print, including the 2004 reissue of Pain, Sex and Time. Eight of his H. F. Heard fiction titles are available on e-book. Most of Gerald Heard's other books are available in used condition. There are several used-book sites on the Internet. When searching, be sure to use the names Gerald Heard and H. F. Heard.

"Only when crude sensation, whether of pleasure or of pain, is transcended, can consciousness experience sustained intensity of being."
Pain, Sex and Time, 1939

Synopsis of Major Works

We are posting an excellent article titled
"The Philosophy of Gerald Heard: Highlights of His Writings 1924-1958" written by the late Rev. Edmund A. Opitz in 1958, containing perhaps the best synopsis to date of Mr. Heard's major works from Narcissus through The Human Venture.

Two books are currently available by Gerald Heard's paternal grandfather, the Rev. John Bickford Heard. The first is The Tripartite Nature of Man, available online through various sources. The second is Alexandrian and Carthaginian Theology Contrasted, available through Wipf and Stock Publishers.