The Code of Christ

An Interpretation of the Beatitudes

by Gerald Heard

A Wipf & Stock Publishers reissue is now available.

The Code of Christ is Gerald Heard's sequel to The Creed of Christ. In this volume Heard comments on the Beatitudes. He emphasizes, "Christianity is in essence a way of life for us to live." That way of life is systematically presented in the Beatitudes, which contain, "a message needing decoding." Heard authoritatively decodes this central message of Christ: "The world exists for man to achieve union with God. The universe and life are the means whereby souls achieve Enlightenment and Liberation."

Once enlightenment is achieved, the "perfected soul... turns back and stands incandescent with compassion, to light others on their way home." The Code of Christ is essential reading for those desiring a deeper understanding of Christ's message. Gerald Heard's thoughtful musings skillfully expound the mystical truths of Christianity.


The Friend

This interpretation of the Beatitudes is a sequel to Mr. Heard's interpretation of the Lord's Prayer in The Creed of Christ. The book is remarkable for its spiritual insight and is an outstanding contribution to the Literature of Practical Mysticism.

Paul D. Leedy in The Expositor

The book shows on every page the marks of a scholarly mind that has viewed the Beatitudes with a sense of profound reverence. Here is a keenly consecrated intellect that has done the church a great service by interpreting the basic axioms of the Gospel anew.

Lewis H. Chrisman in The Christian Advocate

Thought-provoking, dynamic and challenging.

Dr. (Hon.) Rhea A. White

The Code of Christ is about the pathway to lasting happiness. Gerald Heard’s presentation and interpretation of the Beatitudes outdistances by far many traditional interpretations. His learned insights help one to climb from within the rungs of the spiritual ladder.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

This book will give to the reader, be he teacher, minister or layman, a clearer insight into the meaning of each of the Beatitudes, and better still it systemizes clearly the thought and purpose of the Christ in this teaching.

The Churchman

This is a carefully and thoroughly thought-through study. It is closely written and shows the author to be a man with a well stocked mind.

Cincinnati Enquirer

A fresh and vigorous interpretation of the Beatitudes.

Elsie Oakes Barber in The Christian Leader

Provocative good thinking and good reading.

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Endorsements for the 2008 Wipf and Stock Series of Reissues

Professor Huston Smith, Noted Authority on the World’s Religions

There was a period in my early thirties when these four small books by Gerald Heard served almost as my bible. I read and reread them, and invariably found them to be uplifting and inspiring.

William H. Forthman, Ph.D., Retired Professor of Philosophy

Gerald Heard was an inspiring voice for the life of the spirit. Wipf and Stock is to be commended that Heard's remarkable work is being made available to a new generation of spiritual seekers.

Dr. (Hon.) Rhea A. White, Founder & Director of The Exceptional Human Experience Network

Gerald Heard has been a continuous inspiration in my life since the 1950s. His books are modern spiritual classics that will encourage many aspirants on the spiritual path.