Gabriel and the Creatures

Gabriel and the Creatures
By Gerald Heard

The Riddle of the Flying Saucers

by Gerald Heard

Newly reprinted by Wipf and Stock.

". . . engrossing . . . Mr. Heard belongs with the is a book that may lift your heart.""
The New York Times

"The versatility of Gerald Heard is truly astonishing. Previous books have proven him to be a philosopher, a scientist, a theologian, a mystic, and a writer of mystery novels. And here is a fairy tale. But behind the tales are scientific facts and hypotheses—and in and through it all a religious purpose personified by Gabriel, the Archangel. For whether the creatures in their upward climb veered from the mainstream of life, or are kept close to the center of things depended on how often and how closely they listened to the always available words of Gabriel."
Kirkus Reviews