Gerald Heard played a seminal role in establishing the Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology

"I am writing in regard to your website about Gerald Heard. One of the little-known facets of his remarkable life is not documented there. In 1938 Gerald Heard began corresponding with two outstanding Quakers of the day Howard Brinton and Elined Kotschnig. Ms. Kotschnig was a Jungian analyst who had been to Zurich and had met Carl Jung. She recognized that Jung had much to say to Quakers. This correspondence took the form of a mimeographed newsletter. As a result of this correspondence, the Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology ("FCRP") was established in 1943. This organization is still in existence today.

"The mimeographed newsletter became the organization's publication Inward Light. Gerald Heard was on the Editorial Board for a few years. Together with Howard Brinton and Paul Tillich, Heard was the plenary speaker at the 1950 conference. Inward Light is no longer published. Selected issues, together with our history and information about our conference, is at our website,"
Richard A. Bellin, FCRP Registrar and Website Coordinator, Washington, D.C., Apr. 2011